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Caledonian Scottish Dancers


The Caledonian Scottish Dancers

 The Only Performers at the PPP Since 1996!

The  Caledonian Scottish Dancers, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was  formed in 1966 under the direction of Meribeth Zielke (Waldrop), with  the purpose of high quality presentation and preservation of Scottish  music and dance. Meribeth’s brother, Reuel Zielke, eventually moved into  the role of group director. The group is currently under the direction  of Heather St. Ledger.

The  Caledonian Scottish Dancers perform Highland and National dances as  well as some lesser known dances. Besides performing the dances in the  traditional fashion, they also incorporate arrangements of the dances as  well as new choreography.

The  group has appeared at numerous festivals, conventions, and cultural  events throughout the Midwest United States. They have also completed  four successful tours of Scotland, including performances during the  Edinburgh Festival, the World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow, and  the Robert Burns Cottage and Heritage Center near Ayr. Other  international destinations where the group has represented the Wisconsin  folk dance community include Chiba, Japan and Montreal, Canada.

The  group primarily performs under the accompaniment of the Billy Mitchell  Scottish Pipes and Drums. Gary Bottoni, the pipe major, will also  occasionally accompany the group as a soloist. The group has been  privileged to perform with other renowned musicians, including Kim  Robertson, Navan, and Carlos Núñez.

Glencastle Irish Dancers


20 Years of Irish Dance Heritage

Glencastle  Irish Dancers, Inc. has been providing Irish dance lessons in the  Milwaukee area for seventeen years. They opened their doors in Milwaukee on  February 23, 2000. 

The children's classes began at the College Park  School in Greendale, Wisconsin and our adult classes began at the  Milwaukee Irish Fest Center. Our school opened with 26 students and has  grown to over 150 students. In 2006, we relocated to a space in West  Allis and remained there for eleven years. In the summer of 2017, the academy  transitioned to a beautiful space in Franklin, WI.

This  February, Glencastle will celebrate their 20th anniversary as a school;.

They  are so  excited to celebrate 20 amazing years of Irish dance in Milwaukee with  all of our friends, supporters, and dancers!

Trinity Academy of Irish Dance


Trinity Irish Dancers

 Since  1982, Trinity has brought the art of Irish dance to Chicago, Milwaukee,  Madison, and their surrounding suburbs. We offer award-winning,  affordable Irish dance classes taught by patient and experienced  instructors. 

Trinity provides an energetic classroom environment that  helps children develop a love of Irish dance, increases coordination,  builds friendships and drives the self-confidence to perform in front of  an audience!  It is our balanced approach to solo dancing, performance  dancing, and team dancing that leads us to our greatest successes on and  off the dance floor. 

The  opportunities here are unmatched in any other Irish dance program in  the world. Become part of the Trinity Irish Dance legacy by registering  for classes, booking our talent or watching us perform.

Kinsella Academy


Kinsella Irish Dancers

 The Kinsella Irish Dancers have been providing education and performance for Irish dancers for over twenty years.

Founded  by Brigid O'Sullivan Alba and Ryan Kinsella-Alba, they have become one  of the best Irish dance schools in the Midwest in a short period of  time.

 Irish  dance instruction is provided at Kinsella for boys and girls age 4 and  older. Please visit our website for more information on enrollment. 

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